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Zoosk is a fairly new social dating community website, which is becoming very popular with people from all over the world, but especially with the U.K population. Some say it is the largest community online. There are millions of singles from all over the world here that participate on a regular basis on the community. Zoosk is popular because it offers a safe environment in which users can socialize.

What Makes this Website Different
Zoosk gained in popularity when first arriving on the dating scene because of its social network features allowing users to communicate, chat and view each other without first having to meet. It has an easy to use mobile and desktop application, making the site very easy to access and maneuver.
- Great matching feature that compares characteristics and matches them to other people you might be interested in.
- Very easy to use website.
- Large membership
Zoosk is relatively known as the baby among dating services, but they have already made an important mark on the industry – simply because they add social features to their website. ON the index page you can see new profile updates, photos and who new users are. The website offers a free trial period. During which time you can view all profiles, flirt and send introductory messages to others. Zoosk makes joining very easy to do. All you need is an email address or a Facebook profile to login. Some people prefer to use their Facebook data to sign is as it makes the sign up process easier. But others prefer to create their Zoosk profile separate from Facebook information. On Zoosk its all good, so you just have to choose your preferred method. Answer a few questions about yourself and you are ready to start socializing.

Zoosk works because it doesn’t focus on the dating aspect. Instead, it wants users to think about the socializing part of dating. This is the having fun part. So in the end whether you actually use the website to really date or just to meet people – well that’s all up to you.